Beth Basista

Beth Basista from Boardman, Ohio, is best known for painting landscapes, birds and animals using vivid and contrasting colors.

Evalds Dajevskis

Evalds Dajevskis (1914-1990) lived between two watershed events of the 20th century: the beginning of World War I in August 1914 and the collapse of the Soviet Union.

Frank D'Isa

Dr. Frank A. D'Isa, became interested in photography in 1964 and began entering juried shows in 1972.

Mary Kay D'Isa

Gary Erbe

Gary T. Erbe was born in 1944 in Union City, NJ where he maintained his studio for 35 years. Self taught, he began painting in 1965.

David Band

David M. Band, a native of Portland, Maine, now lives in Texas. He has devoted the majority of his life to art as a painter, printmaker, educator and collector.

Cathy Grossi

Bryce Herrington

Through my art I want people to appreciate the world in a thoughtful way. I want to help people see things often overlooked - subtle colors in sky and hills, the texture of surface ice on a winter stream, the profound way buildings reveal the gritty spirit of the people who live and work in them.

Monica Allen-Perin

Monica Allen Perin, a painter from her youth, began her fine art studies at the California College of Arts and Crafts, Oakland, California.

Jean Saadey

Peter Waddell

Best known for his historical paintings of The White House and its interiors for The White House Historical Association, (An Artist Visits the White House Past) Peter Waddell has also created works about the Capitol in the nineteenth century (Inside the Temple of Liberty); the role of Freemasons in the creation of the Federal City (The Initiated Eye);the history of the Octagon; and numerous other commissions for historic sites including Mount Vernon and Tudor Place.

Don Wright

Don Wright is a realist painter, using a meticulous and detail oriented techinque, with watercolor as his favorite medium.